Information about the founder of the Dharma Marga School,  Vyazmin Vadim Dzhamshidovich
Vadim Vyazmin was born in May 1950.

His father, Jamshid Keshavarz was an Iranian revolutionary. Being a man of great erudition and profound intelligence he was infinitely talented and  had received an excellent education. At the end of World War II, he and his elder brother, Feridun Keshavarz, that became health minister of Algeria in after years, immigrated from Iran to the USSR. Jamshid Keshavarz, was a brilliant poet and composer (link to memories of Dagmara Botvinova) and played several musical instruments. Unfortunately, he died in 1958 of a heart attack.

His mother, Alla Mikhajlovna Vyazmina comes from the ancient boyar family Miloslavskie-Generozovi. Being an orientalist, she worked in the Publishing House of Literature of the Eastern Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Diplomatic Academy. In particular, she translated the book of the famous Mahatma Gandh "My experiments with Truth" (in Russian translation - Gandhi "My Life "). When a student of the Institute of Oriental Languages,  she met Jamshid, , where he taught Persian language - Farsi.

Stepfather of Vyazmin Vadim, Fokin V. N., (his photo will be posted later) was MGIMO graduate, post-graduate specialized in Western philosophy, he worked in "Communist " the CPSU Central Committee. He read to little Vadim a solid course of classical and Western philosophy, logic and psychology.

Great-uncle of  Vyazmin Vadim, Michael Georgievich Pushkin (a direct descendant of a great poet- Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin), was the venerable sculptor. He gave his nephew the first lessons of professional Visual Arts. Fundamentals of skill in this area were laid into Vadim  by Igor Antonov, an outstanding teacher of drawing and painting (his photo will be posted later).

Being a great sculptor and painter,  Andrei Kostromitinov helped Vadim with valuable suggestions regarding the intricacies of technology . He produced personally for Vadim porphyry slab and chimes for grinding paint as a birthday gift.

In his early childhood, Vadim Vyazmin was very smart and extremely frail  after he had tuberculosis at two and a half and rheumatism at ten years.

His friends then were books mostly. Having learned to read at four, the boy began to absorb everything, sometimes reading two books simultaneously, putting them on his knees beside one another. Library of Vadims stepfather, consisting of  the philosophical treatises generally, was devoured by Vadim in such a way in a blink.

Then, at the age of twelve, having found the books on psychiatry, psychoanalysis and hypnosis, that belonged to the deceased uncle, who was a doctor, a clever boy devour them too and began to experiment ...

In 1965, Vadim tired of being weak, and he went into Sambo in sports society "Trud". His trainer was Nikolaj Alekseevich Masolkin. There he strengthened greatly and got the first fighting skills and self-defense skills.
A little later, Vadim seriously got interested in yoga and gradually became very healthy. Interest in the Orient, especially in ancient India, woke up in the meticulous boy long before. He studied a lot of sources on the classical Yoga, first in European languages and then in

Sanskrit -,

ncient medicine,

and later - on the Fighting Yoga

These activities were accompanied by intensive research in the fields of psychology, the unconscious, the structural psychosomatic medicine, psychology, perception, etc.

In 1968 the Lord blessed Vadim Vyazmin with a meeting with his future teacher - rather in the Eastern than in the Western sense of the word. Legendary Anatoly Arkadievich Kharlampiev  was the founder of Sambo.

Grand Master was fond of the inquisitive young man and (teacher died in 1979) actually replaced father for Vadim for almost eleven years, that boy had lost early.

Catching up with Anatoly Kharlampiev, Vadim made friends with the famous for now patriarchs of Soviet and later Russian Karate AB Shturmin, TR Kasyanov, VA Kovalev, V. Dmitriev, GG Vladimirsky, V. Tomilov and other martial arts masters. (photos).

Subsequently, the School grew into the ancient Indian School of Martial Arts (Fighting Yoga) Dharma Marga - Path of Righteousness, Honor, Virtue (the name was born in 1976)

http://www id = 242, because of the study of Sanskrit origins and practical applications of ancient Indian practice in the training of a warrior.
From 1979 to 1980, Vadim Dzhamshidovich was President of the Karate Federation of Sports Association "Zenith"
Since 1976, he began to teach Classical Yoga
In 1969, the first "hopeless" patient full recovered with his help.
Vadim Dzhamshidovich is the author of several guides and articles on Classical and Fighting Yoga

As a psychoanalyst, Vadim Vyazmin held a series of theoretical and applied research in the psychology of the individual and the collective unconscious, the structure of psycholinguistics, signatology, arhetipology, perceptual psychology, psychophysiology, etc.

Vadim Vyazmin  is the Developer of Visio archetypal system test - VAST (1983) - a unique tool for accurate structural diagnosis of mental and physiological processes and problems

Vadim Vyazmin  is the author of sighting techniques of reliable solutions for any personal and other problems

In the end of 1999, developed the Golden Game - a great tool for fulfillment of desires and successful deal with any life problems

A lot of time devoted to the learning of ancient and modern methods of healing.

In 1994 he founded the project INTECO - Integrated-Ecological Medicine

Discoveries in this field let to achieve success even in the cases of so-called hopeless diseases

Painter , the author of numerous paintings

Writer, author of nine novels, many works of poetry

Honored Master of Martial Arts (National Federation of Martial Arts), vice president of NFBI (...)